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Welcome to Pixel-Gym Creative Studio

Since 2000, we've provided a broad range of print and web services to advertising agencies, graphic designers, print brokers and directly to large or small companies.

Our strategy: provide affordable, high-quality design,
photography, and digital production.

Anyone who has been responsible for printed materials knows that it can be a nightmare. For the most part, designers, agencies, print brokers, printers and other vendors within the framework of mass communication do an excellent job at what they do best. Despite their best efforts, many designers create a beautiful piece that cannot print properly. Then they hand off a job to a print broker that has missing files or worse and the printer charges to fix problems that shouldn't have happened in the first place. 

Over 25+ years working hands-on in the advertising, pre-press and printing industries enables us to appreciate the difficulties faced by professionals in their respective fields.

Our goal: to ensure that your project goes smoothly.