Our Services

Project Management

In this industry no one works in isolation!

A successful print or web project depends on people with various skill levels working together. Designers, pre-press houses, printers, paper and ink manufacturers, web hosting companies, copywriters and clients are just a few the players involved in bringing your project into existence. The list is endless and it's no wonder that deadlines and budgets are blown.

Fortunately, it's in everyone's best interest to do their jobs right.

And at Pixel-Gym, we partner with other professionals to ensure that your project is a success from start to finish. We know the questions to ask as well as the concerns of the client. And although, we sometimes feel like referees, we enjoy keeping everyone on the same team with end goal being a completed project everyone is happy with. 

Design for Print and Web

There are many great designers doing incredible work. While we work with designers on a regular basis we also offer design as well for clients with limited budgets. We design everything from logos, business cards, newsletters, trade show signage and packaging to websites and HTML emails.

Check out our portfolio for some examples. You can be sure that anything we design will be created properly with exacting print standards in mind as well as web specifications carefully thought out.

Expert File Creation and Production

Over the years we've learned this axiom: There's never enough time to do a job but always enough time to do it over! We believe that organization is everything and lack of communication is the main reason projects suffer. Additionally, almost everything that can go wrong with a file could have been avoided if some care had been taken at the outset.

We're here to create files that print properly the first time. We approach web artwork the same way. Our web graphics are crisp and clean and most importantly load quickly. Solving production puzzles is our job.

Custom Photography

Many clients do not have a budget for photography. They turn to stock photos or sadly try to use their low-resolution digital camera to take substandard pictures. We propose a reasonable alternative.

Our in-gym photography services include product or location shots. We offer digital photography and can provide image files for your use in print or on the web. Talk to us about incorporating unique images at a sensible price in your next project.

Here is a partial list of photographic services: 

  • Product or Location Photos for Print or Web Use
  • Digital Photo Editing
  • Color Correction
  • Cloning
  • Compositing 
  • Knock-Outs
  • Shadows