Diane Sangster

Account Service, Designer, Copywriter,
Pre-Press Specialist and Everything In-between 

Some people know at an early age what they want to be when they grow up. Since childhood, advertising and sales has held a special interest for Diane. Upon graduating with a degree in advertising at San Jose State University, she embarked on a career that took her through several areas of the mass communications industry. Diane learned the skills required to run her own business in 6 years at a 4-A advertising agency, 3 years in event management and public relations, and 7 years in the pre-press and printing business.

The goal for the past 25 years has been to learn hands-on as much as possible. This meant getting her hands dirty and doing the work rather than talking about it. It meant wearing many hats and often working long hours; and, it always meant keeping her eye on the long term goal. That goal: Toss her own hat into the ring and start a business founded on solid client service principles and creative solutions.

Robert Stronck 

Photographer, Copywriter and Office Taskmaster

Also a graduate of San Jose State University, Bob spent 15 years in commercial real estate appraising. Although, writing 100+ page appraisals honed his writing skills, there was little to soothe the creative spirit. What to do? Well you only live once, so back to college Bob went. He spent three years studying all the major software publishing programs and learned whatever he could about printing from Diane. He also went back to his first love, photography.

Like many photographers, Bob decided several years ago that photography is one expensive hobby and there are those pesky bills to pay. That annoying creative spirit kept whispering though and then it started screaming. Today, Bob has answered the call by embarking on a career in photography. Bob offers original commercial photography suitable for print or web use as an alternative to stock photography. And of course unless otherwise noted, the photography used on this site was taken by Bob. Lucky for Pixel-Gym... See Bob's photography at www.stronckphoto.com